Ohio Online Drivers Ed


No Fees or Useless Add-ons
  • Complete on a computer or mobile device
  • Provides Enrollment Certificate
  • 24-hour Certificate of Completion
  • Unlimited Practice Permit Tests Included

Newly approved Ohio 24-Hour Teen Course can be taken completely ONLINE!

Ohio Temporary Permit - Under 18

At 15 and 6 months, applicants can go to any driver exam station to take the knowledge and vision exam to start the permit process. Before testing, all applicants must provide proof of:


  • Full Legal Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number


Visit Ohio's Acceptable Documents page to get a full list of identify documents and links and use the interactive process to help you know what to bring to a deputy registar agency. If the applicant has an Ohio identification card, it must be surrendered when a temporary instruction permit identification card is issued.


Prior to obtaining a driver license, the following requirements must be met:


  • The Driver must complete National Driver Training's Ohio Online Driver's Ed program, which includes 24 hours of online instruction and 8 hours of driving time.
  • The Driver must complete 50 hours of driving, with 10 of those being at night (in addition to the driver education requirements).
  • The Driver must hold the TIPIC for at least six months.


Knowledge Exam and Vision Screening


All applicants must pass the knowledge exam and vision screening to get a temporary instruction permit identification card, OR TIPIC. The knowledge exam consists of 40 multiple-choice questions about motor vehicle regulations and traffic signs. Applicants must answer at least 75 percent of the questions correctly to pass. The knowledge exam is available in the following languages: Spanish, Somali, Russian, Japanese, French, Chinese, Arabic, and English.


When both the knowledge exam and vision screening are passed, the applicant can proceed to a deputy registrar license agency to purchase a TIPIC within 60 days of passing the exam.


Applicants must provide proof of:


  • Full legal name
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security Number (if assigned).
  • Ohio Residency
  • Citizenship or legal presence.



In addition, the applicant's parent or guardian must present identification (driver license or ID card) to co-sign for the TIPIC.


TIPIC Restrictions


  • Drivers must carry the TIPIC at all times when driving.
  • If under 16, drivers must have a parent, guardian or licensed instructor in the passenger seat when driving.
  • If 16 or older, driving with any valid licensed driver over the age of 21 in the passenger seat is permitted (except from 12am - 6am) when the driver must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • The parent, guardian, or licensed driver in the passenger seat shall not be under the influence of any alcohol or drug.
  • All passengers and driver must wear safety belts.